Hi, I’m Isabella!

As a little girl, I always dreamt of influencing systematic change. With a less than traditional upbringing, my childhood could be described as "turbulent", to say the least. Being raised by the most powerful single mother I know, Resilience was not a choice but a way of life. Because of the trials and tribulations we experienced, I always knew I wanted more. Not just for myself but for others as well. Maybe it is the “Rescuer - Inner Child” in me that never really went away. So that’s what’s led me here to you now in the first place – a passion and purpose to help to heal others in the same way I’ve healed myself. 

  • Support For The Journey

    You see, we all carry emotional wounds - many of which we do not speak of or are aware subconsciously still impact us today. Without realizing the full impact of our inner blockages, it can be difficult for us to release them. It is these invisible wounds that can unknowingly prevent us from moving forward or from living a fully fulfilling life. In what ways do your emotions from past experiences impact you still today? What if the residual effects of past wounds compromise your trust in yourself and in others? The fear of re-experiencing past pain is oftentimes what holds us back from pursuing new experiences. In my experience, the two most common human fears are that we are not good enough and that we won’t be loved. If left unresolved, these fears often exacerbate versus alleviate over time. This is why time won’t heal what you don’t allow yourself to feel. When working with my clients, I came to understand the question was not “why aren’t you accomplishing your goals?” But rather, “what happened to you that made you feel like you couldn’t?” The most critical aspects of career (and life) development are less about strategy and productivity, but rather they are about emotions and mindset. 

    To accomplish your goals - we will work together to overcome mental blockages by healing from emotional wounds. 

  • Professional Experience

    In a past life, my 8+ years of Human Resources experience allowed me to hold many leadership roles. I’ve worked for the best of them: US Bank, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Live Nation Entertainment, Viacom, MTV and Paramount Studios.

    It wasn’t until a painful heartbreak in 2019 that my whole world shifted. It is what led me to dive in head first into personal development. As I healed from my own emotional wounds - like limiting beliefs and self doubt - I developed a passion to teach others how to do the same. As a result, I decided (out of the blue) to quit my Head of HR and Operations role in LA to jump start my entrepreneurial journey. Now, I live a fulfilling life doing what I love, in support of those I love. First and foremost, I am a nurturer, protector, mentor and friend. Trauma Informed Resiliency Coaching is my passion and subsequently profession!

    I am grateful for the freedom and flexibility to support hundreds of clients through my 1:1, Group and Corporate Coaching Commitments, Public Speaking Engagements and customized Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs. In my line of work, education is the embodiment of empowerment. 

    It is my belief that by addressing the root cause of individual and systemic issues (vs the symptoms) we can create the incremental, structural and transformative change we wish to see in the world. It’s how we will heal the collective, one individual at a time.

  • What is it like to work with you?

    Freedom & flexibility are important values to me. I offer monthly coaching commitments and am available for (1) in-person sessions, (2) private messenger and (3) video calls M-F from 9 am -12am.

  • What kinds of services do you offer?

    I offer 1:1, Group and Corporate Coaching as well as appearances at public speaking engagements. Purchase THE IMANI MVMT Resilience Planner to help you get started on the inner work today!